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Nita S. from New Barnet said: "Avra was a delight to work with. She maintains the utmost professionalism at all times and goes that extra mile to help whenever and wherever she can. She is proactive and an incredibly hard worker. I have no hesitation in recommending her."

Danyel Pullen from MGJV said: “Avra delivered an excellent level of service, under tight timescales and importantly, an end product which was visually very eye-catching and absolutely achieved our objective to convey information simply but with impact.”

Whilst at HLM, AH from Woodlands school wrote: "Avra has been involved in working with us on creating an innovative sensory outdoor experience for children with complex physical and sensory disabilities.  She has shown us her dynamic imagination and clear interpretation of our many wild ideas into a well crafted and balanced design.  She clearly understood the many parameters of such a specialist space and has actively overcome these with brilliant ideas and innovative solutions.  Her talent for understanding the needs of her clients is a rare gift which enhances and benefits a project without removing the involvement of the whole team.  Avra is a pleasure to work with as she is an excellent communicator and presents her ideas in an accessible format for everyone."

Whilst working at Mouchel, DP wrote: "On behalf of everyone at MGJV we’d like to thank you for all your help (...)  It has not been easy balancing the differing requirements, but you have made it look easy.  There is no doubt your input and positive attitude has influenced the scheme to the benefit of everyone and clearly contributed to its success and great feedback we have received."​

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